Criminalizing Homosexuality

For as much progress that’s been made to accept same-sex relationships and allow same-sex marriages here in the US, it’s easy to forget that in other parts of the world it’s illegal to be a homosexual.

In certain parts of the world, not only has progress towards acceptance stalled, it’s actually gone backwards. Take Uganda for example. They passed their Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act late 2013 and it was signed into law 2/14. While it was already illegal to participate in a same-sex relationship, the new law allowed for broader criminalization of homosexuals and even allows them to be extradited back to Uganda if they are found to be participating in a same-sex relationship outside of the country.  Anyone or any company sympathizing with homosexuals can be penalized. Things like this make me shake my head and say “what the fuck is wrong with people?”

Uganda isn’t the only gay-hating country out there, there are plenty of them and I don’t understand what they think they are going to accomplish by punishing their citizens for having a different sexual preference. What has caused them to be so insecure in their own sexuality that they wish to physically harm someone with a different interest than them?

Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of civilization and the world hasn’t ended yet. Just because a homosexual person sits next to you or even hits on you doesn’t mean you have to accept the advance, it doesn’t change your sexual preferences. It isn’t something you can “catch” or “fix.” It doesn’t make the person automatically immoral or evil either so why go to all the trouble of hating someone for it. Ultimately it’s just a difference of opinion.

I feel it’s as ridiculous to find an issue with someone’s sexual preference as it would be to be upset that your friend preferred large breasted women while you were more interested in a woman’s booty. Or preferring a guy with blue eyes while your friend didn’t care about eye color and just liked men with strong arms. Someone else’s preference doesn’t make your preference any less valid or personal.

Outlawing same-sex relationships has no place in our world. What do you think?

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One Card Fits All…

I was perusing the birthday card section of a major retail chain looking for the perfect card for my father’s birthday. First thing I noticed is that the cards haven’t changed much since the year before. It seems like the greeting card industry found a concept that works and just regurgitates it over and over again.

I couldn’t risk getting my dad the same card so I started opening every single card marked “birthday” hoping I’d find a hidden gem. As I went down the row I noticed there was a lone “political” birthday card. On the front was a drawing of an empty cake stand. The card flatly announced that the democrats took your birthday cake. The inside further stated that they had divvied it up and given it to everyone who wasn’t celebrating a birthday today. I wasn’t amused.

While I am not a democrat, I was still disappointed with the card and the general feeling behind it. I wondered why there was a democrat bashing birthday card but not a republican one, seems kind of unfair. Is it because a republican would find a democrat bashing b-day card hilarious while a democrat would be offended to receive a birthday card that had been wasted on insults to a differing political party? Maybe that particular retail chain card buyer is republican. Maybe the greeting card industry in general is republican run. I don’t know.

The question it raised to me, besides who the heck would spend money on that card, was that how much damage is being done to our society with this type of mentality? If we can’t even promote harmony in a birthday card, how can we expect our government and citizens to work together? Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but it should be used responsibly.

I wonder how different things would be right now if the republicans hadn’t stepped in and thwarted every attempt to start moving this country forward concerning healthcare, education, green technology and anything else they feared would take a bit of money out of their pockets. I wonder how different the county would view our current president if entire networks didn’t devote their waking minutes to slandering him. I wonder what great things could’ve been accomplished if congress was willing to just put the needs of the people ahead of their own agendas. One little card, inspiring so many questions in my head.

I will probably never get any answers to my questions, but I know this…that one card fits all mentality doesn’t work for me.

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Beauty Pageants, Bikinis and Babes

Did you know they have thongs for sale in the little girl’s clothing section? Two piece bathing suits for girl babies are a thing that exists and is encouraged. There are even strappy sandles with miniature high heels on them for 4 year olds. I’d like to know why.

Women have enough pressure to be sexy once the boobs have grown in, do we really need 8 year olds sashaying about in short shorts, halter tops and high heels? I didn’t wear, or want, a bikini till I was out of high school. I don’t remember any of my friends growing up having one either, at least not till high school.

Have you seen the make-up they put on those poor beauty pageant kids? Some are wearing more blush than a $3 hooker and outfits that could rival them too. Why do 5 year olds need a swim-suit competition, or evening wear for that matter?

I don’t want to think about sex or them being sexy when it comes to little children, who are the people that do? Who looked at this and decided, yeah this is something we should promote? Who are the parents encouraging their kids to participate in an ideal that you should be exuding sex appeal as soon as the diapers come off? I’m not a prude, I like sex, but I just don’t understand why we (as a society) would want to exploit our children’s innocence with the idea that being sexy is important for them at that young age.


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DIY Libraries

I’m sure by now you’ve seen what looks like a really large mailbox or super tiny little house on a stand in the yard of a neighborhood or at the local park. If you look closer you’ll see varying quantities of books residing in said contraptions. These are referred to as DIY or Neighborhood libraries.

I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand, I encourage people to read. I think the idea of sharing your books promotes a sense of community and generosity which benefits people and neighborhoods. However, what is wrong with the public libraries that can be found every so many miles? Those buildings that used to be full of people when I was a child but now sit mostly empty each day as the internet and ebooks have fast distracted people from utilizing the physical books you can rent for free. They have vast stores of books, far more than a handful of neighbors.

Maybe it’s a matter of ownership…you have no control over the books in the local library, but you get to actually participate and contribute to these little DIY libraries. You could use them to connect to your neighbors, maybe start a book discussion club. Share a part of yourself and your interests. Plus I can’t argue with the convenience of walking less than a block at any time to grab a new book.

This is a toss-up for me, though I’m leaning towards thinking these are a neat idea. What do you think, DIY libraries…a great idea or an insult to public libraries?

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The IV Doctor

Binge drinking, not a wise choice. Drinking to the point you’ll have a hangover in general isn’t recommended, yet every day numerous people fill their bodies with alcohol, ready to pay the price come morning.

Well, apparently, now you don’t have to.

Some clever person decided to take the long-known practice amongst medical professionals to the general public. Bags filled with saline and vitamins are intravenously administered and 30 minutes later you can say goodbye to your hangover. All for the low-cost of around $250.

Am I the only person who thinks this is a bad idea?

Hangovers are the body’s way of telling you your choices from the night before were terrible ones. It’s meant to be a deterrent to drinking in excess. Tell people they can hook themselves up to a bag of saline to avoid a hangover and there’s no reason not to go out and get blitzed every night.

I can see using IV therapy for recovery from illnesses and fatigue but to offer it to people who drink too much seems irresponsible to me.

What do you think, should we reward the binge-drinkers of the world by allowing them to play hard without paying the price?



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Population Control Daily Debate 6.12.14

There are a lot of people inhabiting this planet right now, more people are born than are dying and as populations increase, resources are decreased. Eventually we’ll either need to find a new way to procure the supplies we need, a new planet to live on, or accept that we must be more responsible in regards to reproduction.

Years ago, in a college class, there was an assignment where we were asked to come up with a possible solution to help curb the growing population. Some people suggested another big war to kill off people, others talked about instituting legal limits on how many children you could have or forced birth control for all women and then there was me, with a solution that literally made the professor cringe.

I had suggested that all males are given a vasectomy when they are old enough to impregnate a woman. Vasectomies are reversible and a fairly safe procedure to have. While they are not 100% capable of eliminating the possibility of pregnancy, it’s as close as we’ve been able to come with a non-permanent method of birth control. Samples of their sperm could be reserved prior to the procedure as a safety precaution to ensure that should anything happen they could still produce children in the future. Vasectomies could be reversed once the man was married (or in a long-term healthy relationship) and could prove adequate financial stability.

At first this idea sounds a bit out there, but it would drastically reduce the opportunities where abortion would even be a possibility, reduce the level of people on welfare and other government aid programs and encourage a responsible approach to having a child. Like any option, there are flaws, there are concerns and opportunities for improvement. Since men still hold the majority of governing offices the likelihood that it would ever become a reality is very slim, but is it really a worse option than asking women to take a pill every day?

What do you think, is that a viable option for population control?

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GMO Is Destroying Our Health Daily Debate 6.11.14

The more GMO foods I ate, the more processed crap that entered my body, the worse I felt. Not only did my health suffer but the modified food changed the way my body processed nutrition and soon my metabolism was non-existent and no amount of healthy eating or exercise could reverse the upward climb of the scales and pants sizes.

I had to shock my system and reset it to finally lose weight and now that I have I refuse to put any of that toxic crap back into my body. Until you live through it and realize just how much that food can affect your health it’s easy to dismiss the impact it can have on you. Even though my husband watched as my digestive issues disappeared, my energy levels rose and my mood equaled out he still doesn’t believe the shit food he eats is wreaking havoc on his body. He has gained weight, has digestive issues constantly, he is always tired and crabby and in pain. His diet is mostly chips, soda and frozen foods/popsicles. If I make dinner he’ll eat it, but if the rest of the day is full of processed junk, that one meal of lean protein, vegetables and a starch won’t really combat it much.

Food wasn’t meant to remain fresh for years at a time. Our bodies weren’t designed to break down hydrogenated oils. The effects of eating foods that have been modified to kill bacteria and insects does not appear to be positive ones. Counties that are more interested in public safety than profit ban GMOs. I know we need population control, but seriously does it have to go in our food?

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A.I. Advancements or Human Devolution Daily Debate 6.10.14

A chatbot turing test proved that an AI could successfully impersonate a 13-year-old boy. I don’t know if I should clap at technology’s advancement or ponder if we’ve just lowered our standards for what passes as conversation these days.

Having had only brief interactions with 13-year-old boys since I was 13 I have to say that there hasn’t been much level of sophistication going on with the short nonsensical statements I’ve heard uttered from their mouth, or typed into their phones, tablets and computers. Did they program the chatbot to mistype words, have questionable grammar and enjoy lowbrow humor? If so, is that really an advancement for AI?

I’m not claiming all 13-year-old boys are incapable of holding intelligent conversations, or employing proper spelling and grammar when communicating electronically, but if I was going to chat up a typical 13-year-old boy (not that I’m prowling the internet in search of them) I would be very suspicious that I wasn’t talking to an actual 13-year-old if I got back eloquent responses with immaculate sentence structure.

Why do we even want chatbots to be able to impersonate humans? Don’t we have enough imposters online (and in real life) already? I feel like there are far better projects we could be working on, like those freaking solar roadways, instead of wasting time building up the limits of AI.

What do you think, is it really that impressive that a computer can impersonate a 13 year old?

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Manners, or Lack Thereof Daily Debate 6.9.14

Inevitably you will encounter people you don’t like. From grade school to graveyard you will be surrounded by people you’d rather not have to interact with but will be forced to spend time around. How you choose to handle it is up to you. I choose to be polite to others, it seems I am the exception, not the rule.

I’ve noticed in general that the concept of manners has been on the decline in public over the course of my life. People merge without blinkers or adequate room on the roads, causing you to swerve and slam your brakes. People cut in lines or grab items you were reaching for in stores. The concept of holding doors for others is all but gone. Guests in a home no longer show their host respect. Kids sass their teachers and refuse to pay attention in class. College students don’t even pretend to be there to learn and end up wasting everyone’s time. I won’t even start in on how rude police officers can be to innocent citizens trying to file a report, or the things I have heard children say to their parents in public.

What happened to manners? How do we bring them back?

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Sometimes Abortion is the Answer. Daily Debate 6.6.14

Who determines the value of each life? Why would you allow someone to defend their life on their own property but ask them to forfeit that right when it comes to the topic of abortion? How can you judge a person for having an abortion when you have no idea the circumstances that went into making that decision?

Not a week goes by that I don’t see some argument for why all abortions should be illegal. People spout off their moral outrage that a woman would dare to terminate a life only weeks in existence. A life that hasn’t properly started, a life that doesn’t yet process thoughts and complex feelings. A life that, if terminated, only really affects the mother and no one else at that point. These women are called selfish, murderers, sluts and made to feel guilty for making the choice to end their pregnancies early. All of this judgement based off the possibility that the unborn child would be a value add to this world, that knowing what was in store for them that they’d want the opportunity to live.

I do not support using abortions as a form of birth control. However, I will never be convinced that the practice of abortion should be illegal. Women have been told what they can and can’t do since the beginning of time and it needs to stop. Don’t rape a woman and then tell her the baby is her problem, she’s not allowed to terminate it and then shun her for having a child out of wedlock. That happened A LOT in our history. What life is that child really going to have if that’s the situation they’re born into?

Some women do not have healthy pregnancies, some women should not get pregnant because carrying a child could/would kill them. That happened A LOT in our history. Some women take every precaution to avoid getting pregnant (doubling up on contraceptives like the pill and condoms, etc) due to health restrictions and should they find themselves pregnant anyway, their body actively fighting the fetus as if it was a virus, would you ask them to put their life on the line to carry that child to term? You can argue that pregnancy carries a risk of death for even the healthiest woman but I’m talking about the doctors giving you a 10% chance of survival for you and the baby if you carry it to term. You’d ask a woman to do that…for the sake of a life no one knows yet? Would you ask that woman’s family to risk losing her for a child that wasn’t planned, a child that didn’t yet exist in their world? Who are you to ask them to trade one life for another?

Having recently lost the life of a young child in my family I often wonder how different things would be if the mother of that child hadn’t lied about getting an abortion and had actually terminated her pregnancy when it had been agreed that it was the logical choice almost 4 years ago. My family wouldn’t be in the high level of pain it’s in now. My brother probably would have stayed in college and not working a dead end Mcjob living in my parent’s basement. I’d trade the joy of knowing my niece to protect her from the awful way her mother let her die. If you aren’t ready and willing to be a mother, just get the abortion. Don’t bring that child into this world, use it as a tool for attention and money and then when it becomes too inconvenient leave it to die in terror, ripping her forever from the lives of other people who actually loved her. That is far more cruel to do, yet no one seems to think that woman did anything wrong.

Abortion should not be used as merely another form of birth control, but sometimes…sometimes abortion is the answer.

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